A light-hearted approach to life-changing practices.

A dedicated yoga practice can change you immeasurably beyond the physical, deep to the center of your being. During class you may feel challenged, frustrated, even impatient or fidgety; then suddenly all those emotions are transformed, and you experience intense joy, calm and contentment.


"I can do nothing for you but work on myself. You can do nothing for me but work on yourself."

- Ram Dass

Class Schedule

Monthly unlimited (includes all Zoom classes) - $35

10-class pass (for Zoom) - $50

Drop-in (one Zoom class) - $5

Want to join a Zoom class? Email yoga.michellew@gmail.com to sign up! 

What people are saying...

"Michelle's unique teaching style and personality create a comfortable feeling of being part of a supportive community. I can't imagine getting through the week without her classes."


"Michelle is the reason I do yoga. She inspired me to grow so much in my yoga practice that I pursued my own teaching certification."


"When I take Michelle's class 
I don't always know what my body needs. But she somehow knows. At the end of every class I find myself thinking, 'that was just what I needed.'"



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"Michelle makes everyone feel like they are part of a family, and truly valued. She celebrates with us when we achieve a posture we've been working on, and encourages us as we build our practice."


"I love the [Michelle Whelan Yoga] community. I've practiced with many of the same yogis for years, and have made really good friends. Even though I don't know everyone, I still feel like we have a very special, common bond."


"The reason I've stuck with Michelle as a teacher? Simple. She is the best! She makes everyone feel valued and welcome."