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Stay tuned for the next session dates. 

School's on break. Stay tuned for next session.

Soul School is designed to empower you to live fully aligned with your highest calling. You'll learn to trust yourself more. And use that trust as a springboard to step into the life you were created to live.  

Classes are small and intimate, with ample time for building relationships and meaningful connections with like-minded people. You'll find an atmosphere of love and trust, laughter, fun and meaning. We'll create a safe space for honesty, growth and learning, where you, your thoughts and feelings are held sacred.

Soul School may be for you if:

You feel a strong pull to learn more about it. You know there’s a part of you beyond the physical. You've always had a strong connection to your intuition. You’re ready to dive deeper into meditation. You know you have a soul (or higher self, whatever you like to call it), but you never really knew you could actually get to know this part of you. You like the idea of being supported through this journey. You know on the deepest level this is meant for you. 


Classes include active participation and small-group breakouts. Class time will include meditation, open discussion, some movement to keep the body comfortable, and endless opportunities for unlimited growth and expansion. This is a time for FUN! It’s a loving approach to getting to know you in a way you may never have before. And while this journey is so personal and totally unique to you, you’ll have the support of others who are growing and expanding right alongside of you. It’s a beautiful thing! 

Soul School students will receive 25% off of Reiki while “school” is in session. 

What Soul School grads are saying...

“I would definitely recommend Soul School to anyone who is looking to connect with their higher self and find deeper meaning in their life, or just meet like-minded people. Michelle is such a gifted teacher. She inspires me to stay on this path wherever it leads. Meeting and connecting with other Soul Schoolers has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.” 

- B. G. 

"I was feeling a bit lost and disconnected from myself. I wasn't 100% sure how to tap into that space. Michelle gave us many vessels to utilize in connecting with that deeper part.

From the very first class, I knew Soul School was going to make a difference in my life."

- J.S.

“I’ve taken my meditation practice to a new level and started to enjoy journaling, which is something I’ve struggled with in the past. I also love being connected with others who are on the same journey.” 

- L.C. 

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