The Reiki Experience

Everyone experiences Reiki in a unique way. Some simply feel relaxed. Others find pain relief, see vibrant colors, have profound realizations, dream-like visions, feel heat or other sensations. There is no right or wrong, no expectations, and nothing required of you other than to simply receive the healing and transformative Reiki energy. You may be called to book a session without really knowing why. Heed the call! There's something for you to learn, let go of,  heal, or see in a different light. In a Reiki session you are fully clothed, with the practitioner's hands lightly touching or gently hovering over the body.

Choose your Reiki Session

Rustic Beach Path

Pure + Powerful

60 Minutes - $100

There's a reason you're called to the healing art of Reiki, and this session is the perfect place to start. Perhaps it's an intense need to release stuck energy, or bring relief to places in the body where there is dis-ease. If you've experienced Reiki before, Pure + Powerful is a great choice if you simply need Reiki energy. Each session is unique, and offers just what you need in the moment. Pure +Powerful includes 45 minutes of Reiki and time afterwards to talk about your experience. Pure + Powerful sessions can be done in person or via distance Reiki.  

Game Changer

90-120 Minutes - $155

Game Changer is a step up from Pure + Powerful, and includes one full hour of Reiki with intuitive messaging. It's a powerful way to gain insight, clarity, direction and aha moments wherever you are in your life's journey. You may have specific areas you are working on or through, and intuitive messaging can open you to new ways of seeing and powerful realizations that help you move forward. Each session is unique, and offers just what you need in the moment. Game Changer sessions can be done in person or via distance Reiki. 

Why is the price $155? The number 1 represents newness and a fresh start. It can also signify change. The number 5 signifies freedom and knowledge. Together 1, 5 and 5 encourage you to let your intuition guide you in the right direction. Biblical reference to the number 5 stands for God's grace. Others see 155 as a sign that your soul is sending you a message. The spiritual meaning of 1+5+5 added together to get 11, is karmic enlightenment. The angel number 155 appears to you because you are experiencing a great change in your life at the moment. And in numerology, the number 11 is a master number that represents the potential to grow and evolve. 

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