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Looking for a sense of comfort and belonging, where you feel valued and welcome? You're in the right place!

How does a light-hearted class full of laughter, movement, and sweet moments of stillness have a profound effect on your total wellbeing? How does listening to the sound of your breath open your heart? How do you roll up your mat after savasana feeling new depths of peace and clarity? 

A dedicated yoga practice can change you immeasurably beyond the physical, deep to the center of your being. During class you may feel challenged, frustrated, even impatient or fidgety; then suddenly all those emotions are transformed, and you experience intense joy, calm and contentment.

Like yoga, Reiki is also pure magic. I was called to study, practice and teach yoga. And I am so happy and honored you're here to share in the practice with me. I am also called to share the energy of Reiki. I've been a yoga teacher for more than 16 years, and at first was nervous that no one would see me as a Reiki practitioner. But then I realized that what really matters is how I see myself. I hope you join me for a fun-filled, very real and powerful asana practice. And if you are called to it, a profoundly relaxing and potentially life-changing Reiki session.  

Child's Pose

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without."

- The Buddha


"I don't know if I call myself a teacher. I would simply like to call myself a student of life, for my entire life. And if I am successful in being ready to learn in every moment, then maybe I can share those experiences and someone might feel a spark through the sharing. It is not in my capacity to be a teacher, it is only in my capacity to be a student."

Indu Arora

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Michelle Whelan

Yoga Teacher + Reiki Master

I started practicing yoga in 1996 with a Denise Austin VHS. I don't think I even had a yoga mat. I remember practicing along with her every single day. I didn't know then what I had discovered, but I knew one thing. I loved how it made me feel.

Fast forward years later when I was working as a writer in Manhattan. Walking through the city on my lunch break someone handed me a free 2-week pass to Yoga Works. I went every day. I was hooked. When my husband and I spent our first anniversary in Jamaica we took a private yoga class on a dock stretched over the Caribbean. In savasana, I decided I would become a yoga teacher. Less than a year after I accepted that free 2-week pass, I was deep into my 200-hour yoga teacher training. Serendipitously, as part of my yoga teacher training, I found myself on the same street handing out free 2-week passes.

I discovered Reiki many years later. But the story is similar. Something called me to book a session. Then several months later, another. Not long after my second Reiki session, I knew it was my calling to become Reiki certified. I now have my Reiki Level I, Level II, and Reiki Master certification.

My intuitive abilities blossomed once I began exploring the energy of Reiki; as have my mediumship abilities. My grandmother was the first "person" I talked to on the other side. Since then, I've had the immense privilege of communicating with countless others who have passed. Every time I do, it brings me incredible joy to share their messages with loved ones still here.

I was a long distance runner when I found yoga. When I stopped running, yoga became my one and only. Now it's no longer my workout, but my work in. As I continue to change, my teachings also evolve. Teaching yoga is a privilege, and I love sharing everything I know with like-minded individuals. I currently teach yin, gentle and vinyasa yoga, and love to incorporate crystal singing bowls and Reiki into my classes. I'm a forever student first, and a teacher second.

While I am not currently practicing as one, I am also a certified health coach. I trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), the world's largest nutrition school with a world-renowned health coach training program. After graduating from IIN, I did further training in digestive health. Even though I no longer see private clients, I still call upon my knowledge of the body in yoga class and during "A Path to Wholeness: Reiki + Intuitive Messages for Healing" sessions. 


Lyla Island Golden Beauty

Best dog ever

You'll see her in just about every video and live Zoom class. So here she is in her very favorite spot in the entire world. Lyla is a surfer at heart, and loves the water no matter what the temperature or season. And we love her with all of our hearts. You'll see her drop a tennis ball on my mat, hear her drinking her water, watch her run out the door to meet her best friend Lulu for their daily playdate, and watch as she strolls through class and plops down close to make me pet her. Zoom just wouldn't be the same without her.

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