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Shift Session

Shift Sessions are approximately 1 hour, but the benefits are long lasting. Each session begins with a phone call to talk about whatever it is you're going through right now. We'll peel away the layers behind what you're experiencing, and take an objective look at the situation. Together we'll formulate powerful questions to help provide deeper insight into what's going on.  We'll set a time to meet again over the phone, then say goodbye. I'll use the time we're apart to receive intuitive messaging meant just for you, and to connect with your guides asking for assistance in your overall healing, for specific understanding of the situation, and answers to your questions.


Your spirit family and loved ones on the other side are always there and eager help and support you!


These sessions are designed to bring clarity, insight and understanding to whatever it is you're experiencing. They are excellent for helping you see a situation from a new perspective.


You may also be called to a Shift Session when you just need a little support, need to feel loved, or just need to lighten your load. They're also perfect for checking in for confirmation that you're on the right course. 

PLEASE NOTE: You may book a Shift Session on evenings and weekends. When you fill out your Request to Book form, please indicate if you'd like a different day or time then what's currently available. 

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