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Meet Michelle

Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, Certified Health Coach

"I don't know if I call myself a teacher. I would simply like to call myself a student of life, for my entire life. And if I am successful in being ready to learn in every moment, then maybe I can share those experiences and someone might feel a spark through the sharing."

- Indu Arora

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A little about me...

I started practicing yoga in 1996 with a Denise Austin VHS. I don't even think I had a yoga mat. I didn't know then what I had discovered. But I knew one thing; I loved how it made me feel.

Fast forward years later when I was working as a writer in Manhattan. Walking through the city on my lunch break someone handed me a free 2-week pass to Yoga Works. I went every day. When my husband and I spent our first anniversary in Jamaica, we took a private yoga class on a dock stretched over the Caribbean. In savasana, I decided I would become a yoga teacher. Less than a year later, I was deep into my 200-hour yoga teacher training. Serendipitously, as part of my training, I found myself on the same street handing out free 2-week passes.

I discovered Reiki many years later, but the story is similar. Something called me to book a session. Then several months later, a second. Not long afterwards, I knew it was my calling to become Reiki certified. I now have my Level I, Level II and Reiki Master certification. 

While I'm not currently practicing as one, I'm also a certified health coach. I trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), the world's largest nutrition school with a world-renowned health coach training program. After IIN, I did further training in digestive health. Even though I no longer see private clients, I still call upon my knowledge of the body in yoga and Reiki practices and teachings. 

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